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Board-certified Chiropractic Neurologists help Correct imbalances in the brain without drugs or surgery.


Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that affects all children regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status or geography.

Recent reports reveal that 1 in 68 children in the U.S. has Autism. A child is diagnosed every 20 minutes; more children will be diagnosed with Autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined. It is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

Although there is no known cause for Autism, a genetic predisposition may exist. In addition, many doctors and health care professionals underscore the importance of environmental factors in influencing the onset and severity of the disorder. Early intervention is critical to developing your child’s full potential.


Recognize The Signs of Autism

In Infants:

  • Indifference to surroundings

  • Appears content to be alone, happier to play alone — lack of interest in toys

  • Shows lack of response to others; no smiling; no eye contact— stares blankly

  • Does not point out objects of interest to others

  • Noticeable reduction or increase in activity level

  • Resists cuddling

  • No babbling by 12 months; no words by 16 months; no meaningful phrases by 24 months

In Children:

  • Avoids cuddling or touching

  • Abnormal play

  • Frequent behavioral outbursts, tantrums

  • Inappropriate attachments to objects

  • Displays little or no eye contact

  • Over- or under-sensitivity to pain; no fear of danger

  • Difficulty with motor skills

  • Unresponsiveness to normal teaching methods & verbal clues (despite normal hearing, may appear to be deaf)

  • Loss of language or social skills

If you recognize any of these signs in your child, contact your pediatrician and request a screening. Commencing a treatment program as early as possible for a young child with Autism can have a profound effect on his/her future development and quality of life.

An Autism diagnosis does not commit your child to a lifelong dependence on psychotropic drugs. Holistic alternatives such as diet and brain-based Chiropractic Neurological therapies and neurofeedback training are available that address the source of the issue.

Call to learn how BrainCore neurofeedback therapy and Chiropractic Neurological care can help your child reach his/her maximum learning potential– without medication — by bringing balance to your child’s brain… and your family’s life.

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