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Chiropractic Neurologists take a brain-based approach to neurological disorders, offering new hope to those who have not found relief from conventional treatment.

The brain produces a range of brain-wave patterns throughout the day ranging from deep dreamless sleep to high arousal. A healthy brain shifts brain wave states all day long coinciding with our level of activity, but sometimes physical, emotional, chemical or genetic stressors can cause the brain to remain stuck in a certain gear that can trigger neurological symptoms like ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, depression and other brain-based conditions.

BrainCore neurofeedback helps retrain these “dysregulated” brain-wave patterns through non-drug operant conditioning, helping the brain make measurable, long-lasting changes which improve neurological symptoms as well as enhance peak performance for academics, sports or business.Check out the video below to learn more about this proven, cutting-edge technology:


The following video illustrates the science behind neurofeedback therapy and how this cutting-edge technology can retrain abnormal brainwave patterns to overcome a wide range of neurological conditions:

For further information on how BrainCore may be able to help your unique neurological condition, contact Dr. Chiappino @ 631.265.1223 or via email @

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