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Meditation has been used for thousands of years to center the mind and body in all types of situations. It is a valuable tool that can literally change your brain, helping to navigate through life’s challenging emotions, situations and times.

I have created a series of meditations to help the brain to “defrag” (like a good ‘ole computer) and create a space for healing. All meditations have been personally recorded by me, Dr. Keri Chiappino — the voice you hear will be my own. They are available with or without background music, depending on your preference.

Below is a listing by topic of the meditations that are available through my website. By clicking the link below the list, you will be directed to  —  a secure site where a comprehensive list of meditations is housed.

Once your payment information is entered and processed, you will receive an email with a login to choose the meditations you would like download. Enjoy!


Meditations Available:

  • General Anxiety : Meditation that focuses on calming general anxiety so that the focus can be on healing. (Track Length: 12m 22s)

  • Meditation for Deep Sleep : Meditation that focuses on relaxing and releasing your mind each night in preparation for deep sleep. (Track Length: 9m 18s)

  • Accessing Gratitude : Meditation that focuses on accessing gratitude during the stage of the process that you are currently undergoing. (Track Length: 10m 26s)

  • Meditation for Improving Pain : Meditation that focuses on improving pain through meditation. (Track Length: 11m 11s)

  • Meditation for Shifting Your Mood: This one is for one of “those” days, where you just feel bad or upset and wish you could hit a reset button. Here’s your reset! (Track Length: 8m 33s)

  • Meditation for Staying in the Moment : This one is for the days that you are worried about all that “might” happen.  Shifting your focus to right now is the goal. (Track Length: 8m 32s)

  • Tapping into your Life Vitality to Combat Fatigue : Meditation that focuses on tapping into the vitality that is in you to assist you in overcoming fatigue. (Track Length: 7m 53s)

  • Turning to Positivity While Feeling Depressed : Meditation that focuses on finding the happiness and peace as touchstones while depressed so that you have an anchor during the tough moments. (Track Length: 11m 35s)

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